The company to science and technology leading, total cost leading, market leading as the key, to revitalize industrial automation as its own responsibility, recruit industry elites, our company will be a leader in the field of automation control, in line with the efficient, punctual, trustworthy, dedicated work spirit, to science and technology casting brand, to quality to open up the market, to treat users in good faith, will become the fastest development of the automatic control industry, the best quality, the lowest price, the best service company.
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Simple and smart series inverter
FU800 series is a cost-effective inverter specially developed by Hexing Motor for the small power motor market, which has the characteristics of small size, rich functions, simple and easy to use, and reliable quality, which is very suitable for industries such as food machinery, woodworking machinery, packaging machinery, small assembly lines, treadmills and so on.
High-performance universal series
FU1000 series is a high-performance inverter developed by Hexing Motor for the general market, it has advanced motor control algorithms, such as vector modulation, AVR voltage automatic adjustment, automatic torque boosting, etc. And it has an extremely rich range of functions, which can be applied to any motor drive industry.
Application neighborhood
It is used in various industrial fields
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